Connect Everything

Access from a single Gofer app, information from all your local, network and cloud drives, apps, mail accounts and hidden attachments.

Find Instantly

Find files, mail, and people across all sources in seconds. No need to remember exact locations, folders, names or dates.

Work Smarter

Enjoy 1-click actions on your results right from inside Gofer: Copy, Move, Share, Reply, Preview, Edit, Forward and more...

100% Safe

Designed for complete security & privacy. Everything is done on your personal computer, no one else can access the data. Read more

How Gofer Works

Find Instantly

Find ANY file, mail, attachment or person in any personal source, in just seconds.

Find Anything

You don’t need to ever remember where you saved a file. Gofer searches inside ALL your personal information sources to find what you need.

Find Smarter
Actionable Insights
Accomplish More
Supercharge Your Inbox


Productivity is a click away
Gofer is FREE

Gofer Personal Edition will always be free of charge, even for business use!

Instantly Useful

Save time and boost productivity finding and using files and mails minutes from installing Gofer.

100% Safe & Private

Gofer is installed locally on your protected desktop. No information is sent to the cloud. Your files and mails remain intact in their original location.
No one can promise a safer setting than that.

Stay Organized

Gofer auto-organizes your information so you don’t have to. Slice and dice it anyway you want, without having to spend precious time maintaining folders and saving files in their “proper place” again and again.    

Useful for Anyone

Gofer saves time whether used individually, as part of a team, or across your entire organization.

The Ultimate Companion

Gofer lives perfectly alongside your existing applications and services. Open Gofer when in need to find and utilize results.

Our Stories

The search capability here is phenomenal!
Donovan H.
Lawyer, International Law Firm
I really needed a client list. Couldn’t remember where it was sent to (out of my 25 accounts). Found it in 2 seconds…
Brian B.
Online Marketing Agency
I was able to find stuff from ages ago in seconds.
Alex B.
Patent Advisory
This is the definition of disruptive.
Nadav F.
Customer Success , IronSource
I was thrilled to try Gofer ... I truly love the idea of getting everything in a single app.
Andrew G.
Product Specialist
Perhaps the fastest I have seen on anything ever :) even Mac's desktop and Gmail's own search.
Frank G.
Investment Banking